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.....Adopting in Almaty.....The Laura Edition......
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Friday 05.18.2001

Day 20

Natasha called, tour Moscow at noon Friday. Heading down for breakfast at 9qm.
Laura tripped this am and has a fat (bloody) lower lip.

We had a nice breakfast buffet again with Sheila & Ben.
Back in our room & ready at noon to meet Natasha for our Moscow tour. Natasha & Anatoly picked us up at 12:15 pm.
We took the long way to the Kremlin to avoid the clogged streets.
At Kremlin before 1pm. Suze & Natasha bought tix; I had a special ticket to allow me to take pix inside the cathedrals.
Entered the Kremlin through the Trinity Tower. Went past Concert Hall (former Communist meeting building) walked around & near cathedrals.
Went into the Cathedral of the Formation (1479) where coronations took place.
Lady argued with Natasha as she thought I had a video camera. Took lots of pix.
Then went into the cathedral of Michael the Archangel. This had burial coffins of the old royalty. Took lots of pix again.
Exited Kremlin fortress via the armory tower. Walked the length of the west wall, turned the corner & entered Red Square (taking lots of pix) 7 past St Basil’s Cathedral & to Anatoly’s van.
Drove to Old Arabat Street (pedestrian mall) for souvenir shopping. Bought souvenirs for in van & went to McDonald’s near the Radisson & Ukraine.
Jim & Suze got McChicken combos, Sheila had a Big Mac & Sarah had a hamburger Happy Meal (with a Disneyland Pairs toy)
Natasha walked back to the Radisson; Anatoly took us back to the Hotel Mir.
Suze did lots of packing.
Around 7pm Sheila knocked on the door. She couldn’t get Ben to stop crying (He needed to poop!)
Suze finally got him to quiet down. They’re still here at 8:30-I hear "I think you’ve gone!" just now.
We have to be in the lobby at 4:30am to got to the airport…

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